Top Tips for Writing Submissions

  • You need to sell the actor and highlight why they are perfect for the role.
  • Match your comments to what is in the original breakdown, being sure to highlight any skills, accents or requirements which are asked for.
  • Highlight any relevant credits if you feel it is necessary.
  • Have a look at clients Imaginative Descriptions for inspiration, and make it relevant to what is asked for in the breakdown.
  • Avoid generic wording. Keep it brief and specific.✓Choose the best photo for the role. Take time to decide and scroll for the role!

Commercials #

Unless the breakdown asks for specifics e.g. a Scottish accent or actors 6ft and over, you don’t need to write anything. The casting director will get all they need from the photo. If they do ask for specifics though, highlight them in the comment box e.g Annekoos is a native Dutchwoman or Jonathon is 6ft 7. If they ask for ‘beautiful’ they mean model looks, so although we are all beautiful in our own way, only sub if the actor actually does have model looks.

Television and Film (Screen) #

Some casting directors have informed us that they will not call people in without a showreel, but others have indicated (and proved in practice) that they will. So ACT policy is that we will submit clients for screen work even if they don’t have a showreel, especially if they are particularly appropriate for a role. Of course it’s worth saying that it is absolutely preferable that you do have a showreel and, if you don’t, work on having one ASAP! If an actor has a showreel, use the opportunity to find an appropriate section and refer to it by time code.

Theatre #

Highlight any skills that the breakdown asks for. This could be singing range, accent, physical skills etc. Mention any relevant work e.g. if subbing for a Shakespeare play, refer to any Shakespeare work, even it was at drama school. Mention any theatre work which might be relevant e.g. if it’s a comedy mention any recent comedic roles the actor has played.