Taking a call for a Casting or Audition

If the phone rings, it’s an important call (very likely to be a casting director) so be professional! 

Locate original sub while on phone if possible, either in Spotlight or TagMin. Make sure you note:  

  • Name of client they want to see 
  • Name of production and role 
  • Name of person calling/company 
  • Date and time of casting 
  • Location of casting with full address 
  • Any dress requirements or script details or anything that will help the actor 
  • Contact phone number “in case there are any issues”. 

It’s very important to get all the above info. If the caller speaks quickly or you miss something, ask them to repeat it. 

Generally, you can finish the call by assuring the caller that you will only get back to them if there is a problem. Otherwise our client will be at the casting. 


  • Any time there is ANY kind of communication about any project, leave a note in the ‘notes for client’ field.   
  • Make a reference to the email strand if communication is done per email.  
  • AND – log in the Weekly Journal under “incoming phone call” or “incoming email” PLUS specify the casting in the appropriate section.