ACT Submission Guide

Access the Spotlight AgentWeb Feed (in Firefox) directly via our Internal Homepage and submit from there, not from breakdowns in Outlook. 

Read the sub carefully and read any small print, such as sub by e-mail/post or named actors only etc. Make sure to read the whole breakdown as there might be more suitable roles at the end. 

NB: Check rates of pay, especially for commercials. If low, you may want to check with client to see if they are happy to do the job on low pay.  If the pay is marked as Equity and isn’t, please forward breakdown to Tim Gale at Equity. 

Check availability of any client who fits the brief, on the whiteboard and on TagMin. An easy way to check availability on Tagmin is by using the ‘Filter’ tab top right.  

Under the ‘availability’ section, fill in any and all dates (eg. Casting, Recall, Shoot, Rehearsals, Performance dates etc.)  

Scroll down to click search – this will bring up a list of all actors and any potential clashes. – 

NB. Read these carefully, as all events will be flagged – but may not prevent the client doing the job!    

Also double-check that there are no special notes on the whiteboard or under clients’ photo on wall.   

Check suitability of client and if they have the required skills or accents etc which are requested in the breakdown. Check playing age and appearance requirements. Check the client performance grid to make sure client is happy to do certain jobs. It’s always a good idea to talk over your choices with whoever is in the office with you, as two heads are better than one and they might suggest someone you hadn’t thought of.   

Ideally only sub an actor for one role, unless they are perfect for more than one. 

  • If you do this, please make a note in the comment box that they’ve been subbed for another role by cross referencing. 
  • Keep comments concise and breakdown specific 
  • Remember that many casting directors only look at the top line in the box 

Email Submissions 

Via Spotlight:  

  • Log into Spotlight page with Agent log in and click ‘Email client CV’ on left hand side of screen.  
  • Click on actors you want to suggest and click ‘Next’.  
  • Put email address in ‘To’ and remember to tick ‘send me a copy of the email’ and to change the subject heading of the email to be relevant to the job.  
  • Type your message and remember to write the role you are submitting each actor for in the comment box under their name. Also choose the best photo for the role.  
  • Then click ‘Preview’ and if you’re happy send it off.  
  • Create a new submission in TagMin on the client’s page, including any specific notes you made to the Casting Director in the email. 
  • It is possible to send submissions through TagMin itself, but we don’t do this. 

Postal Submissions 

  • In ‘Actor’s Creative Team Docs’ go to ‘Misc/Manual Submissions’ and ‘Submission Template’  
  • Write the sub, making sure to highlight relevant skills and experience. 
  • Check spelling and punctuation. 
  • Print off the letter and sign it. 
  • Cut and paste letter contents into TagMin as a Manual Submission (as per notes above) and add any other relevant info re the production. 
  • Print off the client’s CV from TagMin (“Agent CV” toggle) and staple their photo to the back, in the bottom left hand corner. (Photos are in the grey filing cabinet in clients file)  
  • If you don’t have a hardcopy headshot, please print one off using the photo paper stored in the cabinet under the window. 
  • Stick an ACT sticker to the bottom of the photo in the middle (stickers are also in individual client files in the grey filing cabinet). Put stapled CV and photo, and original letter in an A4 envelope ensuring you have the correct address and contact on the front. Stamps can be found in the pink cash box, in the box labelled stationery by the window.  Make sure you have the correct postage. e.g. big stamps for A4 envelopes.  


Dramanic is a little different from our other casting services, in that not everything we see on it is a casting breakdown. Whereas Spotlight is casting directors actively looking for actors for specific roles, Dramanic is information about upcoming productions, what roles they may be looking to fill, and general information. THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS CASTING BREAKDOWNS. 

However, this doesn’t mean that without a little legwork from the AOD, it may not become a job for one of our clients! 

Checking Dramanic  

Dramanic updates once or twice a week, usually on a Monday and then Thursday or Friday. Due to the nature of the information, it is generally not time-sensitive, and as long as we check one it once a week, we should see everything that comes up in good time. 

First, click on the Dramanic link, which can be found on the desktop here. If for whatever reason you cannot login, the login is, along with the password which can be found in the Tagmin task. You can login by clicking on the yellow ‘My Dramanic’ button in the top right corner. 

After doing this, you will come to this screen. Here is where the weekly updates bulletins are posted. However, the bulletins only show a few possible jobs, so click on the Casting Calendar button which can be found in the header. 

This is the whole casting calendar for Dramaniac, and where we can view all jobs. Here you can find most of the basic information about a job, the venue, the director, whether it is paid or not etc. Annoyingly, unlike Spotlight which has a ‘Posted On’ date, Dramanic does not. The easiest way to check whether a job has been seen by us is to check which jobs were featured in the casting bulletins, which are dated. Any jobs after that bulletin, have probably not been seen by us! If you see a job that perks your interest, click on the ‘More Info’ button in the details column. 

This will lead you a page like this one! Here is the further information, where all information about the job and roles can be found. 

If contacting a client about a role, THIS IS THE INFORMATION WE SEND. 

If the post is a casting call, the contact information will usually be at the bottom of the post. 

Non-Casting Call Posts 

As mentioned before, not all posts on Dramanic are direct casting calls, but information that has come down the grapevine. As agents, if we see something that we think one of our clients could be good in, we should make a reasonable attempt to reach out to the relevant company and introduce ourselves as we would in any other instance (see Top Tips for Writing Submissions)

However, AODs should use their best judgement when doing this with Dramanic. Chasing up these leads can be very time-consuming, and if the office is otherwise busy, your time may be spent better elsewhere. If this is the case, forward the information available to our client. If they are interested, we advise that they do some research, just as they would for a job sent out via Shooting People. The agency can then either use these details to push the client, or send a follow up email after the clients original.