Recruitment Team Overview

The recruitment team is in charge of reviewing all CV submissions made to ACT, whether postal or via email, and we decide who to invite in to audition for us. We also go to see prospective client shows and showcases.Prospective clients: -When a CV or invitation is emailed into the office, AOD please drag the email into theRecruitment folder of Outlook and mark it unread.-Recruitment team actions:

  • Have look at unread emails from would be clients. Record on the 2019CV sheet. Make a judgement call.
  • That’s part of being in Recruitment. Mark them in red if they’re strong possibles.
  • If we end up inviting them in and we don’t like them it’s no bad reflection on you. If you don’t think we need them, or think they’re a clash, don’t be afraid to turn them down.
  • Remember we’re not obliged to see everyone who writes to us, although it is common courtesy to write back.
  • f you’re not sure, that’s fine, canvass opinion from the team. (And team please respond. -There is often a depressing lack of response to Recruitment emails)
  • Then either:-Write back and say no.
  • Write back and say maybe (In a situation where we’ve filled up our audition slots for, say, the next 6 weeks.)
  • Phone them up and invite them in, then send all the audition info. Remember, if it’s someone you know/have worked with, whom the rest of us don’t know, then the decision is yours. You don’t need three yeses. Recruitment involves following your hunches and intuition. You won’t get any flack if they give a disappointing audition. It happens, and when it does it’s deeply frustrating, but when the person you had a good feeling about turns out to be brilliant, then it’s great.