Table of Contents

Office Manual

Table of Contents

The Office Manual is the reference guide for most actions you will need to do as an agent. It is the way we attain consistency within our organisation. As such, it is the basis for everyone’s training.  

In 2021, the Office Manual was made more accessible as an internal part of our website. Our practices had changed greatly with the Covid-19 Pandemic and much of the manual needed updating to reflect that. This update was also important for training a new member of the agency, as the Office Manual provides the path by which training happens.  

Structure:  #

  1. People 
  2. Systems 
  3. Submissions 
  4. Bookings 
  5. Jobs 
  6. Finance 
  7. Marketing 
  8. IT 
  9. ACT Meetings 
  10. Recruitment 
  11. Policies 
  12. Glossary 

After a member is trained, it is still the reference guide to all we do – which is a lot! Don’t feel you have to know everything and don’t presume you do know everything! Type a search in the search bar and double check.  

The 2021 version of the manual has also been expanded with most articles having a “What to do” section, which enables us to check the response order to most of our activities. 

Become good friends with the Office Manual and use it regularly!