How/When/What News Posts

What to do #

  1. Look through the WJ at those actors who are currently working and create a piece of news based on that.  
  2. Send out the regular email seeking news 
  3. Create a Featured Image using Powerpoint in 4:3 aspect ratio 
  4. Use the News Template in Elementor to design the news item on our Website  

How to do it #

Logging in #

  1. Click this link to login to Dashboard  
    • The password will auto populate after putting in the username: actitteam 
  2. On the left-hand side, hover over Posts and select “Add New” 
  3. Click on “Add title” and add a relevant title/headline.  

Create a Featured Image #

Follow this article here!

Page Settings #

  1. Select “Edit with Elementor” (blue box, central, top) 
  2. When the Elementor page builder window opens,  
    1. Select the Gear (“Settings”) icon in the bottom left corner 
    2. Cick the + sign in the box entitled, Featured Image 
    3. Select Upload Image in the top left hand corner of the pop up box 
    4. Select “Select Files” and navigate to your recently downloaded image  
    5. Upload that image 
    6. Make sure the image has a relevant title on the right hand side 
    7. Select “Insert Media” 
  3. Your featured image will now appear in the Featured Image box 
  4. Below the Featured Image Box change Hide Title to YES 

Designing a News Post #

  1. From the centre of the screen, select the folder button in a grey circle.  
  2. At the top of the box that opens select My Templates 
  3. Hover over “News Post Template 1” and select the green “Insert” 
  4. Select “Yes” 
  5. Add the images and text as appropriate by clicking in the relevant sections. All editing is done in the menu bar to the left.  
    1. The relevant title and the first 25 words will be displayed on our news feed so make the title snappy and first 25 words interesting starting with our clients name 
    2. (You can always add more interesting a dynamic elements. See our Introduction to Elementor Video.) 

Publishing the Post #

  1. In the bottom of the menu bar to the left you can see a green “Publish” button. Before you publish, select the image of an eye to the left of that to preview your post.  
  2. When happy with preview, go back to the Elementor Tab and click “Publish”. 
  3. Check here to make sure it displays correctly.