New Members

Setting up a new member  #

When we offer someone representation, these are the initial steps you should follow. 

  1. Find the new member’s contact details, they should already have been added to TagMin as ‘other’. 
  2. Call them and give them the good news. If you can’t get hold of them send them an email asking them to let us know if they would like to accept the offer. 
  3. Once they have accepted the offer change their status on TagMin from ‘other’ to ‘client’. 
  4. Find the When a Client Joins ACT checklist.doc, copying the list onto the clients TagMin notes section, marking off each job as you complete it. 
  5. Send them out the Welcome Pack, being sure to cc in JD so she can book in their first training day. The pack contains: NEWEST ACT joining contract.docxCreate Profile & Imaginative Descriptions.docBullet Points Master.docxbank details for payment of Training deposit and direct debit
  6. Create their client files in ACT Docs (Clients, iCan and Self-Tapes). 
  7. Training team will then take over with arranging training. 

Training Schedule  #

Homework – Getting to know the clients, watching showreels 

Trainees will be provided with a tick chart (link to relevant file) to keep a record of what they’ve learned in each training session. The tick chart will be saved to the trainee’s client file (link to client files). Trainers should ensure they know what areas the trainee still needs to work on.    

1. Zoom welcome  #

  • Intro to agency – website, 
  • Get logged into browser, show them ACT links page 
  • Chat through the clients 

2. Overview and systems  #

  • Go through ACT links page – Spotlight, Tagmin, WJ, Outlook  
  •  Office rules – not logging in out of hours etc. 
  • Rota 
  • Getting to know the newbie:  
    1. completing their client Tagmin  
    2. preferences  
    3. imaginative descriptions 

3. Submissions – what we take out of Tagmin  #

  • Spotlight 
  • Tagmin availability filter / calendar 
  • Performance grid / Yes to 
  • Clients’ skillsets 
  • Bottom line fees / Equity docs 
  • Partner/family/flatmate/bubble subbing 

4. Bookings – what we put into Tagmin  #

  • Tagmin 
    1. self tapes  
    2. Meetings 
    3. recall  
    4. pencil, heavy pencil 
    5. standby 
    6. availability checks 
  • WJ – how/where to record 
  • Contacting the client – contact preferences, confirming tape has been sent 
  • Confirming with the Casting Director – when to contact and when to not 

5. Confirming a job  #

  • Tagmin 
    1. Offer > job 
  • WJ 
  • Contracts – intro to ican 
  • Invoices – Purchase Orders 

Finances  #

The trainee receives full instructions on how to set up a Direct Debit for paying their monthly £20 subs in their welcome email. This email also includes information on how to pay their training fee. When accepted as a full member, the refundable £100 investment fee must also be paid to DRS. 

When a client leaves ACT   #

In this unfortunate event, find the ‘When a client leaves ACT’ doc, which can be found in the Ex Clients folder, and copy and paste into their client page. Highlight any actions you complete and set a rolling To Do as per the instructions in the document.