How to make a Meeting Preview

The ingredients of a Monday Meeting are prepared through The Meeting Preview document. The Pre Meeting section is filled in by all members, including attendance or apologies, IFDs, Training Topics, Professional Development, Auditionees and more.

Meeting Previews should be generated: #

  1. If an Item For Discussion (IFD) is sent in to the office
  2. When a Self-Tape is sent in to the office

Meeting Previews should be shared: #

  1. As soon as the Meeting Preview is generated both
    • Via email to whole agency
    • Added to the Weekly Journal
  2. On the Friday before a Monday Meeting, linked in the body of the meeting reminder email.

How to create… a Meeting Preview #

  1. Prepare an email to the entire agency reminding them that there is a meeting and attach the previous meeting’s minutes.
  2. Once this is prepped –you need to create the Google doc:
    1. Open Weekly Journal, go to File –Open –Office-Admin–Meeting Preview-TEMPLATE
    2. File -Make a Copy –re-name as “Date” Meeting Preview –OK
    3. Edit the “Pre Meeting” body of the document to include Date, Zoom link (if audition), Chair, Working, Sabbatical, Apologies (if Known)
    4. Add Auditionees and link to CV
    5. Share –Get Shareable Link –Change: “Anyone with the link” to “can edit” –copy link –Done
  3. Insert this link into the meeting reminder as a long link (or preferably a hyperlink (highlight the text and press cmd/ctrl K)) and email to the agency
  4. Add the link to the Weekly Journal. Add the correct date after: “Next Meeting Preview Doc:”, highlight the date and press cmd/ctrl K followed by cmd/ctrl V to paste in the hyperlink.