The Contract can be found in ACT-docs in One Drive here.


1. Description #

Actors’ Creative Team is a co-operative acting agency. We will represent you and your interests on all acting jobs across all media. We do not represent you for extras work or library shots. We will only represent you for modelling or voiceover work when it comes directly through the agency.

2. Initial investment £100 #

In the case of new member leaving Actors’ Creative Team before completion of three month initial training period, refunds will be available as follows: after first month of training, two-thirds of initial fee; after second month of training, one-third of initial fee. It is refundable in full if/when you decide to leave ACT having become a full member.

3. Voluntary Monthly subscriptions: £20 #

Subscriptions are only refundable when a member pays more than £40 commission in any given month. Monthly subscriptions may vary according to changes in office overheads and/or any unforeseen costs; changes to the amount will be agreed by a minimum of eight full members of the co-operative agency.

4. Commission #

  • 12.5% commission on all recorded media, now known or to be invented.
  • 10% commission on all live performance

Consideration will be taken for low fees according to the Actors’ Creative Team agreed sliding scale.

Commissions on Repeats and Residuals will be charged at their original rate. This also includes continuing contracts for Theatre and Television.

5. Payment of wages #

All wages must be paid through this office unless otherwise agreed. Theatre wages will be paid no later than the Friday of the week after receipt of payment.

Agreement #

Agency Duties #

  • I appreciate that joining the Actors’ Creative Team does not guarantee me any acting work, but I will always respect the efforts made by all members on my behalf.
  • I will staff the office a minimum of three full days per month, unless otherwise specified by the Overview team (office hours being 10-6), except when undertaking full-time, paid acting work for which I am being represented through the agency.
  • As Agent of the Day, I will endeavour to represent my fellow co-operative agency members to the best of my ability and in the manner set out by my office training in all queries, submissions, bookings and contracts, as well as anything else that may come in.
  • I will not circulate any of the casting breakdowns and/or relevant information owned by the Actors Creative Team to anyone outside the agency.
  • I understand that I am representing the agency on all professional engagements, and therefore will act accordingly.
  • I agree not to use the office telephones, fax, printer or email for personal use. I will keep any personal use of the office internet to a minimum.
  • I agree that, should I undertake any paid acting work through my own contacts, I will inform the Actors’ Creative Team in good time and the Actors’ Creative Team will act as my sole agent in representing me and my interests on the job, and they will take commission as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

Meetings #

  • I will attend meetings as a priority. Failure to attend 3 consecutive meetings (or more) will require a detailed explanation at the next meeting attended, unless a prior explanation has been offered and accepted.
  • I will read the minutes of each meeting fully, note their content and complete any required actions, especially if away from the agency for any substantial amount of time.
  • I agree that if major decisions are made at a meeting in my absence, I will respect the decisions made by the members present. Decisions will be valid only when there are at least eight full members present.
  • I agree to share concerns, raise important issues and air any problems arising from agency membership with either: everyone at members’ meetings; at a one-to-one meeting with a Team Leader; or with a member of the Overview Team.

Absences: #

  • I will undertake at least 1 day’s refresher training, with a designated trainer, if I have been away from the agency for 2 months or more.
  • I will maintain communication with the agency, as a personal responsibility, whenever I am away from the agency for any length of time, except if on holiday.
  • I agree that prolonged absence of a month or more (for any reason other than acting work) should be discussed at a members’ meeting and agreed prior to its occurrence; however should this be impossible due to extenuating circumstances I accept that said discussion will take place in good faith in my absence.

Departures #

  • I agree that, should I decide to leave the Actors’ Creative Team, I will announce my decision at the next members meeting.
  • I agree that upon leaving I will pay any outstanding debts (commissions, subscriptions etc.). Failure to pay outstanding debts within 30 days may result in my being charged interest on sums owed, at the current rate of interest set by the Bank of England.
  • I agree that, should I leave the Actors’ Creative Team, the agency will still handle:
    1. Any work they have suggested me for up to and including the date of my departure
    2. Any work arising from castings undertaken up to and including the date of my departure.
  • I agree to abide by all the points set out above and understand that, should I unwittingly or deliberately fail to meet these terms, I will be subject to the following disciplinary procedure:
    1. Receive 1st written warning
    2. Receive 2nd written warning
    3. Attend a meeting with a panel set up to determine the level of action required, comprising the Overview Team and 2 Team Leaders. At this point the panel can terminate the contract forthwith should they feel the greater good of the agency is being or has been threatened, undermined, or compromised. Failure to attend said meeting will result in immediate termination of contract.