ACT Website

The current edition of the ACT website was created in 2020, when the previous website created in 2012 felt dated. The website is a shop window specifically for other actors looking for co-operative representation. We use the website to show what work we have recently taken part in, as well as recent news and each of our clients have their own page, which can be used to highlight actors work in various mediums.  

The address is: 

The increased functionality offered by the 2020 version of the site, as well as the need for remote working, has meant we are building a collection of documents in a private space of our site that are used as tools for the AOD. These include The Clients Wall and this Office Manual.  

Each page on our website is built with a piece of software called Elementor, which allows us to add widgets such as text or video frames into our pages simply by dragging and dropping from a menu.  

If you would like to get to the back end of the website, you can log in here.  

What will I have to do with it? 

An AOD will often have need to use the website. You may need to upload a News Post or update some wording/information. All information should be in this office manual but the IT team are always on hand to help.