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  • Nicholas Gauci steps into the shoes of Syrian-born refugee Anwar in An Invisible Man’s powerful one-man show, ‘How to be Lucky,’ from Monday 10th June.  Anwar shares his story of how his family’s life moved from idyllic peace, through chaos, and on to the new reality of living in the UK. This interactive workshop and […]

  • Charlie Maguire is currently appearing in NewsRevue at the Canal Cafe. The longest running live comedy show in the world can be seen every Thursday – Saturday at 9.30pm and Sundays at 9pm. All-kicking, idol-burning comedy, updated every week by a crack team of writers. For more information on Charlie, please get in touch with […]

  • Alice will be performing at the RADA Festival in her own play, Threads, inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry and its arrival to the UK in 2022. Why have women been written out of history? How do we put them back? Or are we destined to repeat the same patterns? With original music based on oral tradition, […]

  • In the midst of the UK’s battle for independence from the EU, two of our clients Ceri Gifford and Ivy Lamont will investigate into themes of union and separation in a new writing night happening this Monday 20th, catch them if you can! More info can be found here. For further information on Ceri or […]

  • Our client Katriona Brown is heading to Singapore and Hong Kong with Elmer The Patchwork Elephant with Selladoor. See you soon Katriona!

  • Our Katriona Brown continues her puppeteering work with Selladoor’s Elmer the Patchwork Elephant tour, which comes to London on Saturday! Elmer will be at artsdepot from Saturday 6th Apr, 2019 – Wednesday 10th Apr, 2019; before heading to the South coast – more details can be found here. For more information on Katriona please contact […]

  • The fabulously funny Tori Louis will be appearing in The Institute of Nuts at The Matchstick Theatre in Deptford from the 28th March – 12th April. The Institute of Nuts, is a crazy school-cum-retreat-cum-prison where people’s names are letters and their reasons for being there are… well… mysterious. Here, E (played by our very own […]

  • We are delighted to announce that Jessica Dennis has been asked to reprise here role in Offside – Futures Theatre’s all-female, frenetic and physical feast of Football. For one night only the production will be at the home of English football – Wembley. Jessica toured the UK with Offside in 2018 and is really looking […]

  • New Diorama Theatre and Underbelly announced the winners of the Untapped Award for 2019 today- and our client, Rosa Garland’s theatre company, Poltergeist, was one of them!  Three shows were chosen from a shortlist of thirteen companies who themselves were chosen from 198 entries by a panel of judges from around the country.  Congrats to […]

  • Expelliarmus!! Not quite, but we have sent Jonathon Saunders off to Canada to tour this wonderful condensing of all seven Harry Potter books into a seventy minute show called Potted Potter. Touring throughout Ontario, starting in Brampton on 7th March, Jonathon is one of two performers will be bringing this fantastically funny show to life. […]